Basic Information
Full Name Ashendin Torbyss Ranastoph
Nickname(s) Arma, Torbyss
Gender Male
Species Fallen Human
Age 56
Height 7'4
Residence  ???
Occupation Advanced Blacksmith, Enchanter, Crafter, Weapon Master, Hemomancer's Apprentice
Affiliation Cult of the Leviathan
Current Status Alive/???
Powers & Abilities
Powers Blood, Flesh and Bone Control, Weapon Mastery, Curatives, Minor Crusader Arts
Abilities Hemomancy, counter-attack, magic-projectile counter, stationary abnormal status shields
Equipment Warhammer, Longsword, Dichotomized Tower-Shield, Great Mace, Anti-Magic Gauntlets, Titan Gauntlet, Featherfall Sabatons/Greaves
Weakness Long Range Attacks, Area of Effect Magic, Blood Loss, Advanced Seduction, Loss of Temper, Alcohol, Cold Temperatures
Passive Traits Fire Immunity (no exceptions), Blood Disease Immunity, cannot drown, slow regeneration, Advanced Strength
Likes Demihuman females, Alcohol, Privacy, violence, forging, reading, exploring, nature, demonology, runeology, glyphicaria, hunting, exterminating, culling, combat refinement, historia, science, alchemy
Dislikes Interference, emotionally-driven fanatics, undereducated individuals, useless individuals, cowards, cowardly magi, arachnids, parasitic life, flaming homosexuals, deities, gods, pretentious nobility, over-expression, sexual deprivation, dragons, drow, succubi/incubi, illithids
Vices Lust, Wrath, animalistic sexual domination, slaughter for enjoyment, alcohol, psychedelics
Relationship Status Single